Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The beach

sorry i havenot typed a lot. ive been having a good time a t the beach. we've been surfing, practicing my putting, building sand cassels, and playing in pools and hot tubs and the ocean. today grandad and i saw a big fish. mom thinks it was a shark. but it was actully a fish. mom screamed for us to get out of the water. and she paniked to much. i bawt suvineers for my family and matthew. i got new hermit crabs. they are named camo climer and jeff giraffe. nobody knows how to spel it. they are my babies and mom is a grandma. kendall is an ant who cant even see them.

have a great week. kamden

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Team Member

We have a new team member!
My friend Matthew!
You know the one on 2nd picture!
The one on the right!
Now you have it!

see the videoat the bottom of the page.

we love this song/.

summers out schools in

oh man oh man oh man oh man!!!!!
summer is all most over! it seems lkike it just began
i cant believe its almost over.its been great but the best is yet to come. i need to finish golf camp this week thenim going to the beach.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is it about

this is all about kids. we talk about kids. we post about kids. we love talking about kids. who are "we"? well actually we is just me. kamden.

i am a kid. so i know about kids. i am also a brother of a special needs little sister. enough about me lets talk more about kids. hahahaha.

in this blog i will talk about video games, playingwith friends, karate, school., and evgerything =that kidslike to do

that picture up there is me and my friend matthew.