Saturday, September 26, 2009

dave and busters and peecan fesetival

last night me kendall mom and justin went to D&B.

we played a lot of games and got a lot of tickets. it was fun and i got some prizes for mom. the prizes were abox that had a neckless and a pair of earrings. another one wasa braslet with a crown or tee ara. and the last one was a neckless with little dimonds and mom let me havit.

we played the price is right. where you enter coins in and the more coins that fall down the more tickets you get.

we had to leave when kendall pooped in her pants. actually a couple minutes after she pooped. mom was just glad she pooped cause she hadn't in 4 days. i had to sit where justin changed her. he made us ride home with the diper in the car evn tho mom wanted us to leave it under the car. and i wanted to put it in the ditch and mom said it was biogradeable. justin arguud the diper wasnt. i haveno idea what biogadeable even means.

i forgot to sayy that igot a watch in the third paragraph.

we went to the peecan festival today looking for the big furry squirrel. but wen never foun dit. mom and i ate a whole funnel cake.


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