Tuesday, September 1, 2009

school karate smile box my sister

Back to school at JL Boren. Im in third grade this year my teacher isreallycool. His name is mr. Austin. He has three kids and a wife. I havenew friends in my class. besides school I have been going to karate. I got my blue belt last week. speaking of last week my sister was in the hospital for a super long time. I got a smile box from my friend emily. she is a really cool friend. and emily if you are reading this thank you.

my sisiter is home now but her blood shugar was low againtoday. shes been really sick. please pray for her and all her friends. I believe God listens to our prayers. He already saved her life morethan once. please pray for her and her friends

this weekendim going to the lake with mom. we will fish and swim and ski and jet ski and wakeboard and have fun with our friends who ive known since i was a baby. kendall and jussy will have some father daughter time not at the lake. we have a lot to do so stay tuned for more information about our trip. goodnight.

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